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Our Services

Let us help you have a safe and secure purchase remembering that we are internationally certified with InterNACHI®!

We offer a:

Complete Detailed Home inspection

Water Test for bacteria

Roof Inspection & More

Home Inspection Services


Live inspections with no report-$125 for 1 hour-verbal

Two homes for two hours equals $200


Detailed inspections-$500

       -you’ll end up knowing most potential cost in the home and what requires immediate attention. Very detailed!

Annual inspection of home-$250


Individual inspections of certain items

Ex. Furnace, plumbing, electrical, structural, attic, crawlspace, And the roof

-$85 per unit. Crawlspace and attic‘s are $100 each

Remodel consulting-questions asked and answered according to inspector. $60/hr

Building and design counseling-$60/hr

Property inspections- $125.00

Soil test-$150

Water test-$125

Do it yourself builders counsel- $60/hr

Radon certification coming soon

-To become a certified radon tester:

  1. Join InterNACHI® as a member.

  2. Complete InterNACHI's free, online Radon Measurement Professional Initial Training Course. The course is approved by NRPP, AARST, NRSB, ICC, and IAC2. View NRPP approval.

  3. Abide by the Continuing Education Policy for InterNACHI® Certified Inspectors.

A wood and white kitchen
A concrete designed bathroom
White colored bedroom

Find out if your kitchen will be low maintenance or require more. We help you find all the hidden malfunctions and keep your kitchen a safe place, a place you can function well in.

Make sure you do not have any hidden leaks waiting to creep up on you. We leave you with a safe bathroom experience with no surprises.

We check all the outlets and will give you all you need to know about the interior of your home.

An outside look on wooden garage
A villa from the outside
A sunny living room with large windows

We locate any additions to your home and a brief comparison of each. Understanding additions can help you understand why outlets and doors are functioning the way they are and why they are placed the way they are.

We will find any water penetrations into your home or possible weak spots where the structures integrity could be jeopardized. We find if your roof is leaking and roughly the life that is left on your roof.

If you have a sunroom, we discover if you are protected from mold and all other critters.

Find your dream home.

Live with peace of mind with our services.

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